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Quick & Simple Installation

Sensors Mounted In Under 15 Minutes

Imbalanced Load Protection

Prevent Accidents During Loading or Unloading

Unintended Engagement Prevention

Be Informed When Forks Are Still Engaged

Height Configurable Capacity

Set Weight Limits Based on Fork Height

Data Logging

Be In The Know

Be Proactive About Fork Safety

Patented Wireless Strain Sensors

Strong Weigh Patented SWMS-FC


Self contained unit allowing external power supply when needed. Low height profile. Minimal wire exposure decreasing points of failure. Quick & easy install.

Strong Weigh Patented SWMS-LC


Self contained, battery powered unit. Narrow profile. No exposed or running wires! Mounts directly to member or axle. Quick & easy install.

Strong Weigh
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at an Incredible Value

Imagine giving your forklift a sense of touch. This revolutionary system detects weight, deflection and torque changes independently in each fork to provide the operator with instant feedback about fork status. 

How is this possible? Strong Weigh’s patented state-of-the-art technology is the backbone of our Scales and Safety Systems. Created by our dedicated staff of engineers, programmers, software and hardware developers, the FIRST and ONLY TRULY WIRELESS STRAIN SENSOR.

Seeking a simple to install, easy to maintain solution that performs better than the rest? The patented wireless sensor can be applied in 15 minutes, allowing a full system to be operational in under an hour! Strong Weigh’s cutting edge technology provides benefits never before seen in forklift safety!

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Be Informed Beyond Your Eyes & Intuition

Three fork lifts, each carry less weight than the previous

Height Configured Capacity

Excessive height combined with load can cause catastrophic tipping accidents. How does an operator know what is too high for capacity? Fork Sense analyzes data from the sensors and notifies the operator before configured stability levels are exceeded.

Forklift attempts to pull down a pallet of tires

Unintended Fork Engagement Prevention

Unintentional engagement can cause major accidents. Items can be pulled or pushed off of shelves; damaging pallets, products and personnel. Fork Sense helps by removing the guesswork to keep you informed.

Quick and Simple Installation

While most other safety systems can easily take 12 hours to install, Strong Weigh is incredibly quick and easy: No tedious and time-consuming running of wires along the mast and down the axles, which are bound to get damaged later. Simply adhere the wireless strain sensors on instructed locations based on the desired safety feature. Then install the small control box near the cab, and you’re done – most systems can be installed in less than 1 hour with minimal training.

Strong Weigh includes the only forklift safety system with truly wireless sensors, and requires no removal or modification of the forks or any other component of the forklift! The low-profile of the sensor is ideal for the spacial constraints that accompany the forklift and their environments. This easy-to-install safety system is the go-to solution that detects potential problems before they happen. 


Fork Removal


Fork Replacement

Understanding Load Balance Is Critical

Man loading a forklift

Imbalance While Unloading

On your own, there’s a lot of room for human error, especially during unloading. Poor judgment or miscalculation could tip the pallet and lead to costly loss of product or injury. Fork Sense detects when imbalance thresholds are reached and immediately alerts the operator both visually and audibly so they can take appropriate preventative action.
Man about to lift a load of barrels with a forklift

Lifting Imbalanced Loads

When lifting a load it is not always possible to visually distinguish how weight is distributed. It often turns into a judgment call; But some items are more difficult to gauge than others. Fork Sense provides instant feedback of a load imbalance as the pallet is lifted before a judgment call results in an accident.

Protective Data Logging

At a time in our society when accountability and liability are at an all-time high, industry professionals are looking for a comprehensive solution that specifically addresses major causes of forklift accidents. With Strong Weigh’s Fork Sense, you’ve taken a proactive step toward eliminating incidents resulting from Imbalanced Loads, Unintended Fork Engagement & Over-capacity. You may have also eliminated a day in court.

Fork Sense includes Data Logging capability which records the alarms you want based on desired settings.  Parameters for warnings are configured in accordance with the safety guidelines of the forklift manufacturer. Data can be configured to auto-delete, is encrypted and retrieval is under the control of the owner.

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