Only Accurate

Easy to Install


Wireless On-Board Sale

Easy To Install

Truly  wireless sensors. Quick & easy install. Sensors can be mounted in under 15 minutes.

Extremely Accurate

Patented sensor allows for the most accurate on-board scale on the market.  Recording an incredible tested accuracy of less than 0.1% dependifng on application.


By considering the cost of lost revenue due to under loading and overweight fines, these scale will pay for them selves.  Considering the above these scales are actually free.

Truly Wireless Sensors

Strong Weigh includes the only scale system with truly wireless weight sensors for every type of axle and suspension, with replaceable batteries that can last up to three years. Plus the Strong Weigh control box boosts the wireless signal strength, so that driver can always view the truck’s weight, without needing to exit the cab.

Easy Installation

While most other on-board scale systems can easily take 12 hours to install, with Strong Weigh installation is incredibly quick and easy: No tedious and time-consuming running of wires along the frame and down the axles, which are bound to get damaged later. Simply install the wireless sensor on the front and rear axles, depending on the suspension type (Strong Weigh® works on all rear suspension types, including walking beam, leaf spring, and air ride). Then install the small control box near the cab, and you’re done – most system installed in less than 1 hour with minimal training.

Flexible and Modular Design Works for All Truck Types

The components of Strongweigh can be linked together in many different ways. A different type of suspension merely needs a different configuration of Strongweigh parts. The most common suspension types can be found here, but even uncommon or unique suspension types can be dealt with by contacting us and explaining the particulars of your vehicle. 

Proper Weight Distribution

With Strong Weigh’s easy-to-install wireless sensors on every axle, you can see not only the truck’s gross weight, but the weight on each axle as well. This enables you to ensure the payload is properly balanced so that no axle or group of axles exceeds their legal weight limits.

Pays For Itself

With an accurate on-board scale system – which weighs the whole truck, including the front steer axle – you can ensure the truck is always fully loaded to the maximum allowed weight, and your earnings are maximized every single trip, while also preventing the costly fines that could result from overloading.


Maximize your loads, eliminate overweight fines, and so much more. With StrongWeigh®